3 Types of Fishing Reel

Of the various types and kinds of fishing reels, there are three that are common or often used by anglers according to their needs. The following types are taken from various sources. You can use the best spinning reel for northern pike.

Baitcasting reel, designed for casting techniques
This is a special reel designed to use casting techniques. In the casting technique, of course, you will continue to throw artificial bait or lure. So it takes time and a precise and accurate throw to a spot that is considered promising so that the fish can hook up. A baitcasting reel is a reel that is included in the overhead reel category or a reel that is mounted on a fishing rod. Using this reel is not as easy as using a spinning reel, it takes practice, experience and is familiar with this reel. This reel requires good control and feeling especially when braking the speed of the strings. It takes practice and getting used to hone feelings in playing this reel.

Reel Trolling, which has higher drag capability
Real trolling is a special type of reel that is used when fishing using the trolling technique, which is the technique of dragging bait in the sea using a boat at a certain speed. It is similar in shape to the casting reel and is also included in the overhead reel. However, the difference lies in the specifications which are intended for trolling techniques only.

Reel Spinning can be used in various spot conditions
This is one of the most widely used types of the reel by anglers, the reason is simple because it is very easy to operate. This type of reel can be used in various spot conditions that are your target. In general, in using this type of reel you just need to open the bail arm, which is a place to direct the strings when they are rolled, then the bait is thrown according to the target you are aiming at. Then closed again and so on depending on the technique used. Another part of this reel has a drag knob, which is a rotation to adjust the amount of pulling the fish to your liking.

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