Brand is Important for Your Advertising

Advertising is one of the most widely used forms of promotion by companies today in an effort to introduce the products they offer. As a form of indirect communication, containing information about the advantages and benefits of the product being offered, advertisements for these products are structured in such a way as to direct the audience, namely potential customers to make purchases. The American Marketing Association describes advertising as an integrated process starting from planning, implementing to monitoring creative ideas – in this case, there is a form of information in the form of non-personal presentation, promotion, ideas, promotion of goods or services from an organization. You can also visit our website and learn about ott advertising.

Publicly presented information aims to inform, persuade / influence, or remind certain target audiences for a certain period of time about a concept. This concept cannot be considered solely as a product or service offering, but must also be placed as a unit of value that can strengthen the brand it carries because, in an era of increasingly competitive competition, brands and everything they represent are the most important assets because they are the basis of excellence competitive and future sources of income.

A strong brand, in this case, the company name, has high brand equity, and high brand equity will provide various competitive advantages. Prospective customers who are faced with a variety of product choices will tend to choose the product they remember first before considering other attributes.

This brand equity can increase or decrease the value of the goods or services that the company offers to consumers. Thus, management of brand equity is considered a strategic process because good brand equity can increase consumer preference for a brand to form customer loyalty. Because of the importance of a brand for a company, before playing a role to strengthen brand equity, the advertisements that are displayed are expected to be recognized or remembered by the audience.

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