Did Your Cheeks Sag After A Cheekbone Surgery?

Many women come to a popular plastic surgery clinic to undergo cheekbone reduction surgery for a small and thin face. Deciding to undergo cheekbone surgery requires a lot of guts because most women are afraid and worry that their cheeks are not thin but instead loose. Indeed, the side effect of cheekbone reduction surgery is the phenomenon of sagging cheeks, but this happens only if the peeling of the bones and skin is too large and the fixation of the bone that is cut is not strong enough.

Two surgical methods can prevent sagging cheeks. The first is the in-mouth incision method. The incision is only 4-5 mm long so that the skin is also only slightly peeled off. Also, specialist surgeons can see in detail the part to be operated on through the endoscope so that the safety of the operation is also higher.

The second method is 3D cheekbone rotation where the cut cheekbones are fixed front and back using pins that are not harmful to the body. This method is so complex that it requires experience and know-how from surgeons.

The phenomenon of sagging cheeks can occur when the cheekbones are cut a lot or due to aging. Therefore it would be better if the patient also does V-lifting.

V-lifting is well known as an effective technique for treating sagging skin and wrinkles. V-lifting at popular clinics uses a special thread that has 2-3 times more hooks than ordinary threads. These threads are inserted into the dermis and then used to pull and tighten the skin. In about 2.5 hours, you can get a small face with thin, tight cheeks and natural cheekbones.

That’s it for the information regarding sagging cheeks that might occur after you receive a cheekbone surgery. We hope this info helps you to understand more about this facial skin problem.

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