How To Use Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench Impact wrench is a very important tool for car care. There are two types, namely the type that uses an air compressor and one that uses electricity. You can remove and install bolts or nuts using this tool. This tool is also often used to change car tires, one of the advantages is that you can remove the tire without changing the position of the tire. Therefore, let’s first understand how to use it in car care, and don’t forget to choose your best air impact wrenches.

There are two types of power sources from the Impact Wrench, namely the air compressor type and the one that uses electricity. The way to use the two types is the same, it’s just that the one that uses electric power is suitable for use in an environment that has a socket, while the air compressor type has the advantage of being able to be used even in places where there is no electric power.

Before use, first, check whether there is damage or not. The damage, such as whether the Impact Wrench has cracks or not, also check that the bolts are tight or not, check the tightness of the nuts on the air plug, then also check the air plug and air socket for damage or whether it is worn. Also, make sure that the socket and the square at the end of the Anvil (the base that serves as a fixed measuring jaw) are not worn.

For the Air Impact Wrench, prepare a compressor. This type takes time to collect air in the tank while waiting for it to replace the socket to the appropriate size with the nut. Use a special socket that is used for Impact Wrench. You cannot use a socket that is plugged in by hand. Prepare several types of sockets in advance as needed. This socket is not the one-touch type that will hook directly, but insert a pin into the hole and then secure it with an O-ring. Install the socket first before connecting the compressor, then pull the lever carefully.

By just pulling the lever, you can use it. After inserting it into the back of the nut, pull the lever. If it is not inserted properly, the nut will be damaged. At the time of use, do not rotate it all at once, it will be easier to work with if it is rotated gradually.

When removing the wheels of large vehicles such as buses or trucks, adjust the rotation of the wrench lock so that it can loosen up. After screwing the socket horizontally to the nut, pull on the lever to loosen the nut. When installing the wheels, first clean the dust or sand that sticks to the wheels or nuts. Apply lubricant to the threads of the bolts and nuts, attach the wheels and then insert the nuts by hand. After adjusting the rotation of the wrench for tightening, pull the lever to tighten it. Be careful not to tighten the nut too much, make it horizontal or there is no tilt. The final step, adjust the torque with the torque wrench. Also, you can re-tighten the wheel nuts every 50-100km for safety.

Scenes of Using Impact Wrench in Car Maintenance

Impact Wrench is used for tire replacement. When turning the bolt while the car is jacked up, the tire must be stationary. However, with an impact wrench, the tires don’t rotate because the impact wrench only turns the bolts. Therefore when you jack up, you can turn it without moving the tire. It can also be used to remove the wheels of buses and large trucks, and also to remove the flywheel (a disc made of steel. Its function is to store or reduce changes in the rotation speed of a car engine so that engine speed becomes stable).

If you use an impact wrench, you can even remove the hard/jammed bolts. Also, the process of turning and removing bolts is fast, it can be used in various places such as gas stations, car repair shops, tire specialty shops, and others. Generally in snowy areas tires need to be replaced in the spring and fall, at that time as the demand for replacement tires increases rapidly, the speed of an impact wrench may be of great help to you.

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