Mistakes when Washing Cars

Some people still get it wrong when washing cars. As a result, the results of car washing are not optimal. The first mistake that is often made is the car wash interval. We recommend that you wash the car once a week. But the routine changes if the car is really dirty. As much as possible, wash the car immediately so that the paint is not damaged due to dirt accumulating. Using a dab of soap carelessly to wash a car is a second mistake that is often made by some people. Soap that is not suitable for the purpose will affect the quality of the paint. We recommend that you use the soap for certain parts like tires, engine parts, or under a car. Sometimes someone is also found washing the car directly under the hot sun. This should not be repeated because the heat of the sun makes the water and soap dry quickly. As a result, leaving spots on the car. You can get help from Go to our website.

If the car is often done, mold will develop. Drying a car with an arbitrary rag is a common mistake. As much as possible, use a cloth made from microfiber. The wipe can maintain the quality of the paint. Then, don’t use the same cloth for the car body with other parts.

Take your vehicle at least once a month to a car wash. Car wash intentions must be right. Too often it will make the body and engine become damp. Take the time to simply wet and wipe the car 15 minutes after it gets caught in the rain. Choose a shampoo that is not too much foam. Because a lot of foam is actually bad for the paint color of your car.

Use a car shampoo if your car is really dirty. The last tip, be diligent in checking the cleanliness of the car hinges, the edges of the trunk, the edges of the car doors, and the edges of the hood. The reason is that in this section rainwater or used laundry is often left behind. For everyday life, you just need to wipe the wet vehicle body so it doesn’t get damp.

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