Recommended Types of HP Laptops For You

Screen size is an important thing to consider if you need to carry a hp laptop. The laptop function required is related to the size of the screen. Plus, screen size is also related to weight and ease of storage.

Screen sizes of 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches are ideal for carrying around
Laptop sizes with a range of 11-14 inches have a balance between performance and ease of carrying. A laptop with this size is equivalent to the B5 paper size. We recommend the ENVY or Specter series which have the B5 size if you often carry your laptop with you. This can be applied by you for work purposes when you are outside the home. Laptops with a size of 14 inches to 15.6 inches are usually called laptops that have A4 paper sizes. This size is the size limit of a laptop that can be carried around comfortably. In essence, this size laptop is more comfortable to use at home. However, if you need to occasionally take this A4 size laptop outside the house, choose the Pavilion series. The Pavilion series is also recommended for its high performance.

The screen size of 15.6 inches or more is suitable for on-site use
The screen size of 15.6 inches is quite large, making it difficult to store in a bag, and is not recommended for carrying around. High-performance gaming laptops have 17-inch screens designed with the assumption of constant use. If you are just using a laptop somewhere, we recommend that you go for a laptop 15.6 inches or more. You can choose the OMEN series or HP series laptops.

For those of you who enjoy watching movies and listening to songs on a laptop, audio is important. We recommend the ENVY, Pavilion, and Specter series for excellent audio performance. The sound produced is very balanced and of high quality. This quality audio is the result of collaboration with the well-known audio producer “BANG & OLUFSEN”. The difference in the resulting audio quality also depends on the number of speakers installed. You can compare the number of speakers installed in dual speakers and quad speakers. That way, you can get a more satisfying audio experience.

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