Tips for Controlling Emotions while Watching Dramas

Drama viewers are often carried away with feelings or emotions when watching through 123 movies. The audience may dissolve in deep sadness until they burst into tears. Indiscriminately, towards adolescents and professionals. This is related to emotional intelligence (EQ or emotional quotient). Emotional intelligence is the ability of people to recognize feelings, understand, and control them go 123 movies. In contrast to intellectual intelligence (IQ or intelligent quotient) which is a cognitive ability in the form of thinking ability. Even though the names are almost similar, the two are not necessarily related to each other. People with an average IQ or high average IQ do not necessarily have good emotional intelligence.

However, it is necessary to distinguish from people who are easily moved. For example watching a sad movie, crying too. Because this is because of the empathy that is owned or more to sensitive people and empathy for the feelings of others. Lack of EQ will make people easily emotional by being carried away by an action. In other words, you cannot control your feelings, and your actions or decisions are based on emotions alone. Anyone can get carried away with emotion. Therefore, EQ and IQ may not be balanced, even if the person is highly educated or a professional.

If the brain amygdala (one of the brain networks that functions to control emotions in humans) has hijacked the frontal lobe (the forebrain that acts as reason and logic), then a person’s behavior, regardless of profession, will become uncontrollable. If you watch a drama and stay emotional without trying to control the functioning of the brain’s amygdala, there is the worst risk. Among other things, will have unstable emotions and damage relationships with other people. Tips for caring for the function of the brain amygdala to be controlled is to increase charity activities. Thus, our ability for empathy can increase. Do at least one kind of thing every day. Giving money, doing charity work, helping others, caring for their parents, and others. Make an effort when watching is interspersed with other activities, meaning that we are not too focused. This will help keep the rhythm of the brain in control.

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