Warm Room Temperature Making Fat or Thin?

Room temperature regulation has an impact on weight loss as well as weight gain. Some studies have revealed this. However, there seems to be a difference of opinion among experts regarding the impact of room temperature on body weight. People tend to gain weight if each day more calories are entered than calories burned. Researchers at Maastricht University Medical Center say the right temperature to maintain a balance of energy consumption is 19 degrees Celsius. At low room temperature, people burn more calories because they use a lot of energy to warm the body. This is contrary to the assumption that turning off the heating device can encourage people to eat more because it is cold, and if your room heater is damaged then contact heater repair .

A temperature of 19 degrees Celsius is sufficient and not for the whole day. Energy consumption increases in light cold room temperature and can slowly bring about change. However, the impact will be greater if supported by a healthy diet and exercise. Room temperature regulation about body weight and disease risk has also been the subject of research by Michael Daly from the University of Stirling in England. Daly’s research on 100,000 homes in the UK shows residents who regulate the room temperature above 23 degrees Celsius tend to be thinner. The reason is, a sweaty body will use energy to get rid of heat. A cold environment activates fat deposits in the body, which can generate 300 times more heat than other organs of the body. It is the body’s natural heat resource. This natural body heat keeps us warm like we were when we were babies and enables us to maintain the warmth we are today.

Maybe it will be difficult for you to turn off the air conditioner in an office room or another room. But that doesn’t mean you have to be exposed to cold air all day long. Try not to always use air conditioning, for example by not using air conditioning at home. Use AC if it’s the only summer or it’s really hot outside.

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